Business Excellence Initiatives

Business Excellence Initiatives at Tata Power-DDL

"Business Excellence" is an integral part of Business Management and is the application of quality management theory and tools to run our business more efficiently. Business Excellence is the culture of Tata Power-DDL, which works as an enabler to our commitment to higher customer satisfaction, increase in stakeholder value & better process management through the never-ending cycle of continuous improvement.

Based on the principle of TQM & TBEM, we have instituted business excellence practices across functional areas. The thought of continuous and breakthrough improvement, preventive management and management by facts are being promoted through a range of BE initiatives. Some of the quality platforms & tools used are:

TATA Business Excellence model (TBEM):

TBEM is based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Model of the U.S. The model helps the organization to get insights on business strengths and opportunities for improvement. Tata Power-DDL scored 516 in its very first TBEM external assessment in the year 2006 and created history by scoring above 500 in its 1st attempt in the TATA group. Assessment score under TBEM is the indicator of an organization's excellence maturity. Tata Power-DDL scored 656 in the TBEM External Assessment in 2017 (from 615 in 2016) and has been recognized as “Industry Leader” as per the grading sy